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Mindfulness Meditation

Meet Barb Welcer RN,

Founder of EnergyMedicineRN.com

RN, integrative/holistic nurse board certified.

Energy medicine practitioner since 1993

Meditation, guided imagery.

Healing Touch Certified Practitioner since 1998.

25 years emergency room experience, community education.

Health and wellness nurse coaching board certified.

Facilitate group process, retreats, classes, workshops.

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November 6, 2015

How to create calmness in a minute

Mindful Minute: Breathe in to the count of 4; hold your breath to the count of 4, breathe out slowly exhaling through your mouth to the […]
March 4, 2017

Press Release regarding Energy Medicine!

“The North American Nursing Diagnosis Association – International (NANDA-I) membership has approved a rephrased “Imbalanced Energy Field” nursing diagnosis. Previously known as “Disrupted Energy Field,” the […]
January 3, 2017

“begin again,” we welcome 2017 with hope, inspiration and peace.

Greetings! As we “begin again,” we welcome 2017 with hope, inspiration, and peace.   Let’s reap the benefits of practice! Whether your practice is meditation, breath […]
September 13, 2016

Energy Medicine Self-care and Fundamentals

Barbara Welcer, RN, will host two upcoming Healing Touch programs at UNM Center for Life. Healing Touch Level 1 classes will be held September 24 and 25 and November […]
January 22, 2016

Remembering Traditional Healing

I explored Oaxaca Mexico in 2013, traveling with the UNM OT program “Introduction to Mexican Traditional Medicine Course”, it was an experience of a lifetime. While […]
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Barb Welcer RN


  • “I felt safe and comfortable throughout the weekend. I loved that it was so intense but also soothing and regenerating. Amazed with how simple but effective the work can be.”

    JoAnne H.

  • “Barb was professional, kind, had humor, she is an excellent instructor, she is ethical, smart, has integrity, wonderful.”

    Karen G

  • "I felt all weekend that I was in a sacred space. With all the loving energy in the room, it created an opening for personal growth.”

    Diane C.

  • Barb is an excellent facilitator of learning. She made what could have been a difficult/challenging experience into an enjoyable and incredible experience. I expected to be tired, but I am filled with positive energy!

    Rebecca S.

  • “Great experience, the program was very informative. There was a lively synergy amongst group participants that was facilitated by instructor.” 

    John G.

  • "Barb is a great presenter. I would enjoy a refresher class from her anytime."

    - Sharon E.