Remembering Traditional Healing

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November 6, 2015
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September 13, 2016
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Remembering Traditional Healing

I explored Oaxaca Mexico in 2013, traveling with the UNM OT program “Introduction to Mexican Traditional Medicine Course”, it was an experience of a lifetime. While there I was reminded why I chose to pursue energy medicine and incorporate traditional healing methods into my daily life and share it with others.  I had the honor of visiting with native healers, observing, learning and experiencing healing methods; these methods included, herbs, water, earth, movement, ceremony/prayer and energy work. Were all of these methods a form of energy healing? And can anyone do this work?

Energy healing is a way of life, an awareness of where we are in space, time; where are thoughts and emotions travel to in our mind. It incorporates what we eat, water, how we move and relate to others in our world. Intention and awareness is what makes our daily tasks energetically healing.healing

The Healing Touch Program Level 1 class is a great place to begin your journey of awareness of your energy field and energy body.

Come join me for a weekend of retreat from daily tasks, this time will renew and refresh how you look at your world, how you treat your own physical, emotional and mental body. We will give and receive treatments all weekend long, learning how to actively run energy for healing of ourselves and others. Most importantly you give yourself a gift of a lifetime! Learn techniques to use on yourself and others.  Check out this great article on energy healing!

And sign up quick for the next level 1 class, early bird special ends on Monday January 26th!

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